Personnel maintenance

In order to create a favorable investment climate in the Krasnoyarsk Kray, a mechanism to fill the personnel needs of investment projects has been worked out at all stages of its implementation (construction, commissioning, maintenance of infrastructure) in two directions: filling of the current the personnel needs and long-term cooperation in order to organize the advanced staffing.


Regional programme for increasing labour mobility

Within the framework of the regional program for increasing the mobility of labor resources (resolution of the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory of 27.07.2015 No. 391-p), financial support is provided for employers in attracting qualified workers from other regions of the Russian Federation (except for those included in the list of subjects of the Russian Federation, the attraction of labor resources in which is a priority, approved by the order of the government of the Russian Federation of 20.04.2015 No. 696-p).

The amount of financial support is 225 thousand per employee. Funds can be spent on any measures to support workers attracted from other regions

In connection with the entry into force of the Federal law of 03.07.2018 № 190-FZ, from 02.10.2018 the mechanism for participation in the program is simplified:

  • the applicant can be any employer who has a need for labor resources; the inclusion of the employer in the program takes place after the selection procedure.
  • the prohibition to reduce employees during the period of receipt and use of financial support is excluded;
  • a fixed-term employment contract with a specialist can be concluded for at least two years, not three;
  • the procedure of obtaining by the employer of the certificate on attraction of labor resources, financial support is simplified (the condition on check of debt of the employer on obligatory payments in budgets is excluded);

The Agency of labor and employment of the region forms a reserve of enterprises to participate in the program in 2018 (employment of specialists in November 2018).

Consultations on participation in the regional program for increasing labor mobility can be obtained:

  • in the center of employment at the location of jobs
  • in the Department of information support of investment projects of the Agency – phones 8 (391) 221-98-90, 227-29-18, e-mail,

Interaction algorithm, when addressing business entities, participating in the implementation of the investment project, for personnel maintenance support


Information on the public measures and programs of the Labour and Employment Agencies for entrepreneurs, experiencing need for skilled manpower, shall be available on the online portal of the Labour and Employment Agency of Krasnoyarsk Kray: in the sections «For employers», «Programs and projects».

For all personnel maintenance issues of investment projects, please, contact the Employment Center or Center of Informational Support of Investment Projects of Labour and Employment Agencies of the Krasnoyarsk Kray.

Labour and Employment Agency of Krasnoyarsk Kray

department of information support of investment projects

Phone / fax: (391) 221-98-90