Subsidies to legal entities (except for the public (municipal) institutions) on creation and (or) ensuring activity of the centers of youth innovative creativity

Volumes of provision

The amount of subsidy shall be determined on the basis of cost estimates, accompanying the application for the subsidy granting, but not more than 5 768,5 thousand rubles for the creation and (or) provision of one Centre activity (hereinafter referred to as the Youth Innovative Creativity Centers / YICC).


The subjects of small and average business focused on creation and (or) material, economic and information support of activity of YICC connected with additional education of children, youth of technical and natural orientation:
a) ensuring access of children and youth to the modern equipment of direct digital production for realization, check and commercialization of their innovative ideas;
b) support of innovative creativity of children and youth, including for professional realization and ensuring self-employment of youth;
c) technical and production support of children and youth, subjects of small and average business which are carrying out development of perspective types of production and technologies;
d) organization of conferences, seminars, working meetings;
e) holding the regular training actions and implementation of the training programs for development of opportunities of the equipment by users of YICC.

Conditions for granting

The subsidies Beneficiary should meet the following conditions:
1. Existence of registration for territories of Krasnoyarsk Krai in accordance with the established procedure;
2. Absence concerning the applicant of the procedure in the course of reorganization, elimination or bankruptcy;
3. Absence of debt on obligatory payments in the budgetary system of the Russian Federation;
4. Lack of arrears on obligatory payments in the budgetary system of the Russian Federation;
5. Existence of own, rented or transferred to free use rooms no more than 120 sq.m for placement of the equipment in TsMIT;
6. Compliance of structure of the hi-tech equipment to the following requirements: an opportunity 3D - design and production, carrying out milling, turning, metalwork, electric installation work; safety for work with children and youth; compactness and compliance of the equipment to sanitary requirements of placement and use in the Center;
7. Existence in the state not less than two experts able to work with all range of the equipment of TsMIT, not less than one children specialist (having the higher education and experience in the corresponding field of activity not less than a year);
8. Existence of contracts with the municipal educational organizations;
9. Availability of an arrangement and openness of TsMIT to all groups of the population;
10. Existence of access to the information and telecommunication Internet;
11. Loading of the equipment of TsMIT for children and youth has to make not less than 60% of the general operating time of the equipment;
12. Existence of the project including the concept of creation and development of TsMIT, assessment of potential demand for his services (the number of potential clients), the management plan, the generalized planning, structure of the equipment, the financial analysis of the project, the plan of implementation of the project;
13. Existence of information on the planned results of activity of TsMIT;
14. Submission of the report on activity of TsMIT for financial year of the following contents: the main results of activity, information on realization of actions and projects reached value of indicators of efficiency of activity (for the centers created till January 1 of financial year).

List of documents required to make a decision on the support granting

The list of documents shall be set by the Resolution.

Where to apply

Agency for Science and Innovation Development of the Krasnoyarsk Kray.

Documents regulating the state support provision

Krasnoyarsk Kray Government Resolution No. 501-п "On approval of the state program of the Krasnoyarsk Kray "Development and improve global competitiveness of scientific and educational complex and innovative systems" dated from October 7, 2016

Krasnoyarsk Kray Government Resolution No. "About the statement of the Order of granting a subsidy to legal entities (except for the public (municipal) institutions) on creation and (or) ensuring activity of the centers of youth innovative creativity" dated from June 5, 2017