Reimbursement of a part produced and is not reimbursed in 2016, the costs associated with the acquisition of new products of the automotive industry, tractors and agricultural machinery, new equipment technology for food, milk, fish, flour, cereal, feed and Elevator industry, equipment, compressor, refrigeration and cryogenic, medical equipment, laboratory equipment for analysis of milk, equipment for treatment facilities, special tools for mounting and repair of mechanical equipment of power plants and heating networks, production of construction, road and utilities machinery, equipment, chemical and oil and gas, technology for trading, public catering and nutrition units, equipment for processing of aquaculture, refrigeration equipment, machinery and equipment used for the implementation of aquaculture (fish farming), the new modular bodies for carrying out activities for acceptance and cooling of milk, slaughter of cattle, processing of agricultural products and food production

Volumes of provision

The subsidy for compensation of part of expenses related to the purchase of machinery and equipment, modular objects the recipient is determined based on the cost of machinery, equipment and modular objects (cost accounting packaging, installation, commissioning, value added tax, no transportation costs from location of supplier to location of the buyer - for grantees applying special tax modes, and taking into account the cost of packaging, installation, commissioning and excluding value added tax and transport costs from the location provider to the location of the buyer - for grantees applying the common system of taxation) and subsidy rates.


Organizations of agro-industrial complex organizations of consumer cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, agricultural consumer cooperatives, organizations registered in the territory engaged in the commodity (industrial) fish farming in the region, organizations of breeding livestock (breeding factories, organizations of artificial insemination of farm animals)

Conditions for granting

Conditions for granting have been established by the Law.

List of documents required to make a decision on the support granting

List of documents required

Where to apply

Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnoyarsk Kray.

Documents regulating the state support provision

 Law of the Krasnoyarsk Kray No. 17-4487 "On state support of subjects of agro-industrial complex of the Kray", Art. 21.14, dated from February 21, 2006.