During the 2016 road traffic season more than 750 kilometers of roads were built and renovated in the region

24 October 2016

According to the Minister of Transport of the region Sergey Eremin, a priority for industry is maintaining the regional road network by means of a range of the measures on repair and maintenance of highways.

“As in the past year, the program of the road and street network repair in the districts of Krasnoyarsk Kray is under a special control. More than one billion rubles have been allocated under the instruction of the Governor since 2015. Last year we repaired 260 km, and 280 km this season using these funds. Next year the implementation of the program will continue,” the Minister said.

The volume of boundary roads repair will increase. So, this year more than 350 km of regional roads have been repaired, that is 73 facilities in 31 districts of Krasnoyarsk Kray. Last year the figure was about 300 km.

The reconstruction of the Krasnoyarsk – Zheleznogorsk highway was continued among the regional facilities.

In Karatuzsky District, there were the works on the section of the Karatuzskoye – Shiryshtyk interregional transport corridor linking Krasnoyarsk Kray and the Republic of Tuva, as well as Yermakovsky and Karatuzsky Districts. This year the road workers have repaired almost 8.5 km of road.

The 4-km bypass in Kuragino, which is part of the road linking the southern and central parts of Krasnoyarsk Kray, has been also repaired in the south of the region.

Upon the citizens’ request, the highway of Krasnoyarsk – Kuznetsovo – Zykovo – from the border of Krasnoyarsk, including Kuznetsovo, as well as the sections of the road of Berezovka – Magansk, have been repaired as well.

The repair of the northern highways remains one of the priority areas of work. The removal of the earth collapses on the highway of Kansk – Aban – Boguchany has been continued this season. 10.5 km have been surfaced this year.

500 million rubles for the overhaul of 13.5 km of Yepishino – Severo-Yeniseysky highway have been allocated under the instruction of the Governor. 15 km are scheduled to be repaired next year.

The repair of another sections of Motygino – Shirokiy Log highway has been completed in Motyginsky District. This year, the repair works have been carried out on four sections of the route with a total length of 19 km, 15.5 km of which are commissioned this season.

The repair works on the regional network were conducted on 39 bridges, 17 of which would be put into operation. The most important of them are the bridge across the river Karabula in Boguchansky District, the bridge across the river Yesaulovka on the highway of Krasnoyarsk – Zheleznogorsk, the bridge across the river Bolshaya Ket in Pirovsky District on the highway of Ketsky – Altat and others.

This year the repair of 19 km of horticultural roads in Yemelyanovsky, Sharypovsky, Kezhemsky, Yeniseysky, Ilansky Districts and Divnogorsk is continued.

The Minister clarified the information on the road facilities of the 2019 Universiade. Nowadays, the construction of six piers for the overpass, which will become part of the highway in the alignment of Volochaevskaya Street from Dubrovinskogo Street to Kopylova Street (the second phase of construction of the 4th bridge) is being completed. The construction of the overpass and the whole highway will start in late November this year. Currently, the procedures for the selecting and determining of a contractor are being conducted. The facility is scheduled for 2018. The organisational and preparatory procedures for the construction of transport junction in the residential area of Tikhiye Zori are being conducted as well. The facility is scheduled for 2017.

The construction of transport junction to the new terminal of the Yemelyanovo airport will start next year. In addition, the works on illumination of guest highway from the new transport junction will be completed. The lighting system along the village of Yemelyanovo has already been installed this year.

This year 112 km of roads have been repaired on the federal highways, and the pedestrian overpass on the highway of M-53 Baikal has been built in Yemelyanovo.

In total, 13.1 billion rubles have been allocated to road works from the budgets of all levels this year.